Paper: Two Types Of Planning In Language Generation

ACL ID P88-1022
Title Two Types Of Planning In Language Generation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988
  • Eduard Hovy (University of Southern California, Marina del Rey CA)

As our understanding of natural language gener- ation has increased, a number of tasks have been separated from realization and put together un- der the heading atext planning I. So far, however, no-one has enumerated the kinds of tasks a text planner should be able to do. This paper describes the principal lesson learned in combining a num- ber of planning tasks in a planner-realiser: plan- ning and realization should be interleaved, in a limited-commitment planning paradigm, to per- form two types of p]annlng: prescriptive and re- strictive. Limited-commitment planning consists of both prescriptive (hierarchical expansion) plan- ning and of restrictive planning (selecting from op- tions with reference to the status of active goals). At present, existing text planners use prescriptive pla...