Paper: Nominalizations In PUNDIT

ACL ID P87-1019
Title Nominalizations In PUNDIT
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987

This paper describes the treatment of nomi- nalizations in the PUNDIT text processing system. A single semantic definition is used for both nomi- nalizations and the verbs to which they are related, with the same semantic roles, decomposi- tions, and selectional restrictions on the semantic roles. However, because syntactically nominaliza- tions are noun phrases, the processing which pro- duces the semantic representation is different in several respects from that used for clauses. (1) The rules relating the syntactic positions of the constituents to the roles that they can fill are different. (2) The fact that nominailzations are untensed while clauses normally are tensed means that an alternative treatment of time is required for nomlnalizations. (3) Because none of the argu- ments of a ...