Paper: A Logical Version Of Functional Grammar

ACL ID P87-1013
Title A Logical Version Of Functional Grammar
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987
  • William C. Rounds (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI; Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto CA)
  • Alexis Manaster Ramer (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights NY; Wayne State University, Detroit MI)

Kay's functional-unification grammar notation [5] is a way of expressing grammars which relies on very few primitive notions. The primary syntactic structure is the feature structure, which can be visualised as a directed graph with arcs labeled by attributes of a constituent, and the primary structure-building operation is unification. In this paper we propose a mathematical formulation of FUG, using logic to give a precise account of the strings and the structures defined by any grammar written in this notation.