Paper: A Lazy Way To Chart-Parse With Categorial Grammars

ACL ID P87-1012
Title A Lazy Way To Chart-Parse With Categorial Grammars
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987
  • Remo Pareschi (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh UK)
  • Mark Steedman (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh UK; University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA)

There has recendy been a revival of interest in Categorial Grammars (CG) among computational linguists. The various versions noted below which extend pure CG by including operations such as functional composition have been claimed to offer simple and uniform accounts of a wide range of natural language (NL) constructions involving bounded and unbounded "movement" and coordination "reduction" in a number of languages. Such grammars have obvious advan- tages for computational applications, provided that they can be parsed efficiently. However, many of the proposed extensions engender proliferating semantically equivalent surface syntac- tic analyses. These "spurious analyses" have been claimed to compromise their efficient parseability. The present paper descn~oes a simple parsing algorithm ...