Paper: Phrasal Analysis Of Long Noun Sequences

ACL ID P87-1009
Title Phrasal Analysis Of Long Noun Sequences
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987

Noun phrases consisting of a sequence of nouns (sometimes referred to as nominal compounds) pose considerable difficulty for language analyzers but are common in many technical domains. The problems are compounded when some of the nouns in the sequence are ambiguously also verbs. The phrasal approach to language analysis, as imple- mented in PHRAN (PHRasal ANalyzer), has been extended to handle the recognition and partial analysis of such constructions. The phrasal analysis of a noun sequence is performed to an extent sufficient for continued analysis of the sen- tence in which it appears. PHRAN is currently being used as part of the SPAN (SPecification ANalysis) natural language interface to the USC Advanced Design AutoMation system (ADAM) (Granacki ct at, 1985). PHRA_N-SPAN is an inter- ...