Paper: Getting Idioms Into A Lexicon Based Parser's Head

ACL ID P87-1008
Title Getting Idioms Into A Lexicon Based Parser's Head
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987

An account is given of flexible idiom processing within a lexicon based parser. The view is a compositional one. The parser's behaviour is basically the "literal" one, unless a certain threshold is crossed by the weight of a particular idiom. A new process will then be added. The parser, besides yielding all idiomatic and literal interpretations embodies some claims of human processing simulation. 1. Motivation and comparison with other approaches Idioms are a pervasive phenomenon in natural languages. For instance, the first page of this paper (even if written by a non-native speaker) includes no less than halfdozen of them. Linguists have proposed different accounts for idioms, which are derived from two basic points of view: one point of view considers idioms as the basic units of langu...