Paper: A Compositional Semantics Of Temporal Expressions In English

ACL ID P87-1002
Title A Compositional Semantics Of Temporal Expressions In English
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987

This paper describes a compositional semantics for temporal expressions as part of the meaning representation language (MRL) of the JANUS system, a natural language understanding and generation sys- tem under joint development by BBN Laboratoires and the Information Sciences Institute. 1 The analysis is based on a higher order intansional logic described in detail in Hinrichs, Ayuso and Scha (1987). Tem- poral expressions of English are translated into this language as quantifiers over times which bind tem- poral indices on predicates. The semantic evaluation of time-dependent predicates is defined relative to a set of discourse contexts, which, following Reichen- bach (1947), include the parameters of speech time and reference time. The resulting context-dependent and multi-indexed interp...