Paper: Some Uses Of Higher-Order Logic In Computational Linguistics

ACL ID P86-1037
Title Some Uses Of Higher-Order Logic In Computational Linguistics
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Consideration of the question of meaning in the frame- work of linguistics often requires an allusion to sets and other higher-order notions. The traditional approach to representing and reasoning about meaning in a computa- tional setting has been to use knowledge representation sys 7 tems that are either based on first-order logic or that use mechanisms whose formal justifications are to be provided after the fact. In this paper we shall consider the use of a higher-order logic for this task. We first present a ver- sion of definite clauses (positive Horn clauses) that is based on this logic. Predicate and function variables may oc- cur in such clauses and the terms in the language are the typed h-terms. Such term structures have a richness that may be exploited in representing meanings....