Paper: Commonsense Metaphysics And Lexical Semantics

ACL ID P86-1035
Title Commonsense Metaphysics And Lexical Semantics
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

If there turn out to be unexpected models, this is a serendipitous discovery of a new phenomenon that we can reason about using an old theory. The pervasive character of metaphor in natural language discourse shows that our commonsense theories of the world ought to be much more like group theory than set theory. By seeking minimal structures in axiomatizing concepts, we optimize the possibilities of using the theories in metaphorical and analogical contexts. This principle is illustrated below in the section on regions. One consequence of this principle is that our approach will seem more syntactic than semantic. We have concentrated more on 231 specifying axioms than on constructing models. Our view is that the chief role of models in our effort is for proving the consistency and indepen...