Paper: Towards A Self-Extending Lexicon

ACL ID P85-1035
Title Towards A Self-Extending Lexicon
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

The problem of manually modifying the lexicon appears with any natural language processing program. Ideally, a program should be able to acquire new lexieal entries from context, the way people learn. We address the problem of acquiring entire phrases, specifically Jigurative phr~es, through augmenting a phr~al lezico~ Facilitating such a self-extending lexicon involves (a) disambiguation~se|ection of the intended phrase from a set of matching phrases, (b) robust parsin~-comprehension of partially-matching phrases, and (c) error analysis---use of errors in forming hy- potheses about new phrases. We have designed and im- plemented a program called RINA which uses demons to implement funetional-~rammar principles. RINA receives new figurative phrases in context and through the appli- cation ...