Paper: Anaphora Resolution: Short-Term Memory And Focusing

ACL ID P85-1027
Title Anaphora Resolution: Short-Term Memory And Focusing
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

such as definite noun phrases and pronouns, in a discourse. Computational linguists, in modeling the process of anaphora resolution, have proposed the notion of focusing. Focusing is the process, engaged in by a reader, of selecting a subset of the discourse items and maJ£ing them highly available for further computations. This paper provides a cognitive basis for anaphora resolution and focusing. Human memory is divided into a short-term, an operating, and a long-term memory. Short-term memory can only contain a small number of meaning units and its retrieval time is fast. Short-term memory is divided into a cache and a buffer. The cache contains a subset of meaning units expressed in the previous sentences and the buffer holds a representation of ~he incoming sentence. Focusing is reali...