Paper: Repairing Reference Identification Failures By Relaxation

ACL ID P85-1026
Title Repairing Reference Identification Failures By Relaxation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

The goal of thls work is the enrichment of human-machlne mteractIons in a natural language envlronment. 1 We want to provide a framework less restrictive than earlier ones by allowing a speaker leeway tn forming an utterance about a task and in determining the conversational vehicle to deliver it, A speaker and listener cannot be assured to have the same beliefs, contexts, backgrounds or goals at each point in a conversation. As a result, dlfflcultles and mistakes arise when a listener interprets a speakers utterance. These mistakes can lead to various kinds of mlsunderstandlngs between speaker and hstener. including reference failures or failure to understand the speaker's mtentlon. We call these mtsunderstandlngs mlscommunmatlon Such m~stakes constitute a klnd of "ill-formed" input that ...