Paper: Semantic Caseframe Parsing And Syntactic Generality

ACL ID P85-1019
Title Semantic Caseframe Parsing And Syntactic Generality
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

We nave implemented a restricted.:lommn parser called Plume "M Building on previous work at Carneg=e-Mellon Unfvers=ty e.g. [4, 5. 81. Plume s approacn to oars=ng ~s based on semantic caseframe mstant~a~on Th~s nas the advantages of effic=ency on grin ~atical,nput. and robustness in the face of ungrammatmcal tnput Wh~le Plume ~s well adapted to s=mpte,:;~ectaratwe and ~mperat=ve utterances, it handles 0ass=yes relatmve clauses anti =nterrogatives in an act noc manner leading to patciny syntact=c coverage Th~s paOe, oulhnes Plume as =t Currently exfsts and descr,Oes our detaded des=gn for extending Plume to handle passives rela|~ve clauses, and =nterrogatlves ~n a general manner 1 The Plume Parser Recent work at Carnegie-Mellon Umvers=ly eg. [4. 51 has sinown semanttc caseframe =nstant~atio...