Paper: New Approaches To Parsing Conjunctions Using Prolog

ACL ID P85-1014
Title New Approaches To Parsing Conjunctions Using Prolog
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

Conjunctions are particularly difficult to parse in tra- ditional, gramniars. This paper shows how a different representation, not b.xsed on tree structures, markedly improves the parsing problem for conjunctions. It modifies the union of marker model proposed by GoodalI [19811, where conjllnction is considered as tile lin- earization of a three-dimensional union of a non-tree I),'med phrase marker representation. A PItOLOG grantm~tr for con- junctions using this new approach is given. It is far simpler and more transparent than a recent phr~e-b~qed extra- position parser conjunctions by Dahl and McCord [1984]. Unlike the Dahl and McCor, I or ATN SYSCONJ appr~ach, no special trail machinery i.~ needed for conjunction, be- yond that required for analyzing simple senten...