Paper: TAG's As A Grammatical Formalism For Generation

ACL ID P85-1012
Title TAG's As A Grammatical Formalism For Generation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

out of our program to be effective as a murce of psycholinguis~c hypothesm about the actual generation p~c~em that humans use; it should, for example, provide the basis for predictive ___~mts of human speech error behavior and apparent p~annin s limitatioB. To achieve this, we have restricted om~lves to a highly constrained set of representations and operations, •nd have adopced strong and mgge~ve stipulations on our dmigu such as high locality, information encaptmlation, online qua~-realtimo rtlotime performan~, and inclelibility. 3 restricts us u ptogrammm, but disaplines us as theomu. We me the pmce~ of generation u involving tluen temporally intmmingied activities: (1) determinin$ what goats the u~(~ is tO ac.hie~e, (2) plxnnin S what informaboll omtent and rhetorical force will best...