Paper: Ontological Promiscuity

ACL ID P85-1008
Title Ontological Promiscuity
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985
  • Jerry R. Hobbs (SRI International, Menlo Park CA; Stanford University, Stanford CA)

To facilitate work in discourse interpretation, the logical form of English sentences should be both close to English and syntacti- cally simple. In this paper i propose s logical notation which is first-order and uonintensional, sad for which semantic tnmsla- tion can be naively compositional. The key move is to expand what kinds of entities one allows in one's ontology, rather than complicating the logical notation, the logical form of sentences, or the semantic translation process. Three classical problems - opaque adverbials, the distinction between de re and de ditto belief reports, and the problem of identity in intensional con- texts - are examined for the dil~cuities they pose for this logical notation, and it is shown that the difficulties can be overcome. The paper closes with s ...