Paper: Meinongian Semantics For Propositional Semantic Networks

ACL ID P85-1006
Title Meinongian Semantics For Propositional Semantic Networks
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

Tilts paper surveys several approaches to semanttc-netw,~rk seman- tics that have not previously been treated ~n the AI or computattonal lingutsttcs hterature, though there ~s a large ptulu. ~)ph~cal hterature invest)gating them m ~mledetad. In parttcular, proF~n~onal semanttc networks (exemphhed hv ~,NeP%)are dis cus.~d, it ts argued that ~mlv a Iull'; mtenstonal ("Mem(mgtan") semantics is apprt)prtate I(~r them. and se'~eral |eln(~nglan svstenls are presented. 1. SEMANTICS OF SEMANTIC NETWORKS. ~emantlc netw¢~rks have pr(~ed rt~ I~ a uselul dahl,,true.lure for representing mlormatttm. =.e., a "knt~wledt, e'" repre~ntatmn svs tenn. (A I'~tter termmtdogv ix "'belief" teptexentatiott system; t.f. Rapa~)rt and Shaptn~ 1984. Rapap(trt 198.1hL The ~tlt'.= =,, an,lid one: Inheritance networks ...