Paper: Tense Aspect And The Cognitive Representation Of Time

ACL ID P85-1003
Title Tense Aspect And The Cognitive Representation Of Time
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

This paper explores the relationshiDs between a computational meory of temporal representation (as developed by James Alien) and a Iormal linguiStiC theory Of tense (as developed by NorOert Hornstem) and aspect. It aims tO prowde exphcit answers to four lundamental Questions: (1) what ts the computational lustd~cat=on for me or=mmves of a hngu=stIc theory; (2) what ~s the computational explanation of the formal grammatical constraints; (3) what are the processing constraints ~ml3osed on the learnabdity and marKedness of these theoretical construCtS: and (4) what are the constramnts that a hnguist=c theory imposes or. representatĀ¢ons. We show that one can effectively exploit (n~,nterface between the language faculty and the cognmve faculties by using hngu=stic constra,nts tO determine rest...