Paper: Interruptable Transition Networks

ACL ID P84-1081
Title Interruptable Transition Networks
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

A specialized transition network mechanism, the interruptable transition network (ITN) is used to perform the last of three stages in a multiprocessor syntactic parser. This approach can be seen as an exercise in implementing a parsing procedure of the active chart parser family. Most of the ATN parser implementations use the left-to-right top-down chronological backtracking control structure (cf. Bates, 1978 for discussion). The control strategies of the active chart type permit a blend of bottom-up and top-down parsing at the expense of time and space overhead (cf. Kaplan, 1973). The environment in which the interruptable transition network (ITN) has been implemented is not similar to 6hat of a typical ATN model. Nor is it a straightforward implementation of an active chart. ITN is respo...