Paper: Discourse Structures For Text Generation

ACL ID P84-1076
Title Discourse Structures For Text Generation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

content is described. Our illustrative text is shown in Figure 2.1.23 In the figure, we have divided the running text into numbered clause-like units. 4 At the highest level, the text is a request addressed to CCC members to vote against making the nuclear freeze initiative (NFI) one of the issues about which CCC actively lobbies and promotes a position. The structure of the text at this level consists of two parts: the request (clause 13) and the material put forth to support the request (clauses 1 through 12), 2.1.1. The Request Schema --. 1-12; 13 To represent the highest level of structure, we use the Request schema shown in Figure 2-2. The Request schema is one of about 25 schemas in the current version of RST. Each schema indicates how a particular unit of text structure is decompose...