Paper: LFG System In Prolog

ACL ID P84-1074
Title LFG System In Prolog
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984
  • Hidekl Yasukawa (Institute for New Generation Computer Technology, Tokyo Japan)

In order to design and maintain a latE? scale grammar, the formal system for representing syntactic knowledEe should be provided. Lexlcal Functional Grammar (LFG) [Kaplan, Bresnan 82] is a powerful formalism for that purpose, In this paper, the Prolog implementation of LFG system is described. Prolog provides a Eood tools for the implementation of LFG. LFG can be translated into DCG [Perelra,IIarren 80] and functional structures (f-structures) are generated durlnK the parsing process. I INTRODUCTIOr~ The fundamental purposes of syntactic analysis are to check the Eramnatlcallty and to clariDI the mapping between semantic structures and syntactic constituents. DCG provides tools for fulfillln 6 these purposes. But, due to the fact that the arbitrary 9rolog programs can be embedded into DCG ...