Paper: A Rational Reconstruction Of The Proteus Sentence Planner

ACL ID P84-1066
Title A Rational Reconstruction Of The Proteus Sentence Planner
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

A revised and more structured version of Davey's discourse generation program has been implemented, which constructs the underlying forms for sentences and clauses by using rules which annotate and segment the initial sequence of events in various ways. i. The Proteus Program The text generation program designed and im- plemented by Davey (1974,1978) achieved a high level of fluency in the generation of small para- graphs of English describing events in a limited domain (games of "tic-tac-toe"/"noughts-and- crosses"). Although that work was completed ten years ago, the performance is still impressive by current standards. The program could play a game of "noughts-and-crosses" with a user, then produce a fluent sunmmry of what had happened during the game(whether or not the game was complet...