Paper: Inferencing On Linguistically Based Semantic Structures

ACL ID P84-1061
Title Inferencing On Linguistically Based Semantic Structures
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

The paper characterizes natural lang- uage inferencing in the TIBAQ method of question-answering, focussing on three asp- ects: ~i) specification of the structures on which the inference rules operate, (ii) classification of the rules that have been formulated and implemented up to now, according to the kind of modification of the input structure ti~e rules invoke, an~ (iii) discussion of some points in which a proverly designed inference procedure may help the searc~ of the answer, and vice versa. I SPECIFICATION OF THE I:~PUT STRUCTURES FOR INFE~ENC I[IG A. Outline of the TIBAQ ~lethod hhen the TIBA~ (~ext-and-~nference based ~nswering of ~uestions) project was ~esigned, main emphasis was laid on the automatic build-up of the stock of know- ledge from the (non-~re-edited% input text. The...