Paper: Lexicon-Grammar And The Syntactic Analysis Of French

ACL ID P84-1058
Title Lexicon-Grammar And The Syntactic Analysis Of French
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

A lexicon-grammar is constituted ot the elementary sentences of a language. Instead of considering words as basic syntactic units to which grammatical information is attached, we use simple sentences (subject-verb-objects) as dictionary entries, Hence, s full dictionary item is a simple sentence with a description of the corresponding distributional and transformational properties, The systematic study of French has led to an organization of its lexicon-grammar based on three main components: - the lexicon-grammar of free sentences, that is, of sentences whose verb imposes selactionel restrictions on its subject and complements (e.g. to fall, to eat, to watch), - the lexicon-grammar of frozen or idiomatic expressions (e.g. N takes N into account, N faiaea a question, - the lexicon-grammar ...