Paper: Preventing False Inferences

ACL ID P84-1029
Title Preventing False Inferences
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

It is not, however, sufficient. In particular, if the system has reason to believe that its planned response nfight lead the user to draw an inference that it knows to be false, then it must block it by nmdifying or adding to its response. The problem is that a system neither can nor should explore all eonchtsions a user might possibly draw: its reasoning must be constrained in some systematic and well-motivated way. Such cooperative behavior was investigated in [5], in which a modification of Griee's Maxim of Quality is proposed: Grice's Maxim of QualityDo not say what you believe to be false or for which you lack adequate evidence. Joshi's Revised Maxim of Quality If you, the speaker, plan to say anything which may imply for the hearer something that you believe to be false, then provide...