Paper: The Costs Of Inheritance In Semantic Networks

ACL ID P84-1017
Title The Costs Of Inheritance In Semantic Networks
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

Questioning texts represented in semantic relations I requires the recognition that synonyms, instances, and hyponyms may all satisfy a questioned term. A basic procedure for accomplishing such loose matching using inheritance from a taxonomic organization of the dictionary is defined in analogy with the unification a!gorithm used for theorem proving, and the costs of its application are analyzed. It is concluded tl,at inherit,~nce logic can profitably be ixiclu.'ted in the basic questioning procedure. AI Handbook Study In studying the pro-.~ss of answering questions from fifty pages of the AI tlandbook, it is striking that such subsections as those describing problem representations are organized so as to define conceptual dictionary entries for the terms. First, class definitions are off...