Paper: Quasi-Indexical Reference In Propositional Semantic Networks

ACL ID P84-1016
Title Quasi-Indexical Reference In Propositional Semantic Networks
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

We discuss how a deductive question-answering sys- tem can represent the beliefs or other cognitive states of users, of other (interacting) systems, and of itself. In particular, we examine the representation of first-person beliefs of others (e.g. , the ~/v.~'~ representation of a user'A belief that he himself is rich). Such beliefs have as an essential component "'quasi-indexical pronouns" (e.g. , 'he himself'), and, hence, require for their analysis a method of represent- ing these pronominal constructions and performing valid inferences with them. The theoretical jus- tification for the approach to be discussed is the representation of nested "'de ditto" beliefs (e.g. , the system's belief that user-I believes that system-2 believes that user-2 is rich). We dis- cuss a computer impleme...