Paper: Denormalization And Cross Referencing In Theoretical Lexicography

ACL ID P84-1010
Title Denormalization And Cross Referencing In Theoretical Lexicography
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

A computational vehicle for lexicography was designed to keep to the constraints of meaning- text theory: sets of lexical correlates, limits on the form of definitions, and argument relations similar to lexical-functional grA--~-r. Relational data bases look like a natural frame- work for this. But linguists operate with a non- normalized view. Mappings between semantic actants and grammatical relations do not fit actant fields uniquely. Lexical correlates and examples are poly- valent, hence denormalized. Cross referencing routines help the lexicogra- pher work toward a closure state in which every term of a definition traces back to zero level terms defined extralinguistically or circularly. Dummy entries produced from defining terms ensure no trace is overlooked. Values of lexical corre...