Paper: Applications Of A Lexicographical Data Base For German

ACL ID P84-1009
Title Applications Of A Lexicographical Data Base For German
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

The Institut fHr deutsche Sprache recently has begun setting up a LExicographical DAta Base for German (LEDA). This data base is designed to improve efficiency in the collection, analysis, ordering and description of language material by facilitating access to textual samples within corpora and to word articles, within machine readable dictionaries and by providing a frame to store results of lexicographical research for further processing. LEDA thus consists of the three components Tezt Bank, Diationary Bank and ResuZt Bank and serves as a tool to suppport monolingual German dictionary projects at the Institute and elsewhere. I INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Since the foundation of the Institut fHr deutsche Sprache in 1964, its research has been based on empirical findings; samples of language prod...