Paper: Conveying Implicit Content In Narrative Summaries

ACL ID P84-1002
Title Conveying Implicit Content In Narrative Summaries
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1984

One of the key characteristics of any summary is that it must be concise. To achieve this the content of the summary (1) must be focused on the key events, and (2) should leave out any information that she audience can infer on their own. We have recently begun a project on summarizing simple narrative stories. In our approach, we assume that the focus of the story has already been determined and is explicitly given in the story's lung-term representation; we concentrate instead on how one can plan what inferences an audience will be able to make when they read a summary. Our conduglon is that one should think about inferences as following from the audience's recognition of the central concepts in the story's plot, and then plan the textual structure of the ~mm~'y so as go reinforce that r...