Paper: Design Of A Knowledge-Based Report Generator

ACL ID P83-1022
Title Design Of A Knowledge-Based Report Generator
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1983
  • Karen Kukich (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA; AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill NJ)

Knowledge-Based Report Generation is a technique for automatically generating natural language reports from computer databases. It is so named because it applies knowledge-based expert systems software to the problem of text generation. The first application of the technique, a system for generating natural language stock reports from a daily stock quotes database, is par- tially implemented. Three fundamental principles of the technique are its use of domain-specific semantic and linguistic knowledge, its use of macro-level semantic and linguistic constructs (such as whole messages, a phrasal lexicon, and a sentence-combining grammar), and its production system approach to knowledge representa- tion. I. WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE-BASED REPORT GENERATION A knowledge-based report generator is a comp...