Paper: A Foundation For Semantic Interpretation

ACL ID P83-1010
Title A Foundation For Semantic Interpretation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1983

Traditionally, translation from the parse tree repre- senting a sentence to a semantic representation (such as frames or procedural semantics) has a/ways been the most ad hoc part of natural language understand- ng (NLU) systems. However, recent advances in lin- guistics, most notably the system of formal semantics known as Montague semantics, suggest ways of putting NLU semantics onto a cleaner and firmer foundation. We are using a Montague-inspired approach to seman- tics in an integrated NL U and pro blem-solving system that we are building. Like Montague's, our semantics are compositional by design and strongly typed, with semantic rules in one-to-one correspondence with the meaning-affecting rules of a Marcus-style parser. We have replaced Montague's semantic objects, functors and tru...