Paper: Ill-Formed And Non-Standard Language Problems

ACL ID P82-1037
Title Ill-Formed And Non-Standard Language Problems
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

Prospects look good for making real improve- ments in Natural Language Processing systems with regard to dealing with unconventional inputs in a practical way. Research which is expected to have an influence on this progress as well as some predictions about accomplishments in both the short and long term are discussed. i. Intr~ductio~ Developing Natural Language Understanding systems which permit language in expected forms in anticipated environments having a well-defined semantics is in many ways a solved problem with today's technology. Unfortunately, few interest- ing situations in which Natural Language is useful live up to this description. Even a modicum of machine intelligence is not pcsslble, we believe, without continuing the pursuit for more sophisti- cated models which deal wit...