Paper: Reflections On 20 Years Of The ACL An Introduction

ACL ID P82-1017
Title Reflections On 20 Years Of The ACL An Introduction
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

This proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation for support. A grant was approved, but it stipulated that we publish a microfiche-only Journal, and we did that until 1978, The Finite String being issued as a separate microfiche during this period. It became increasingly clear during the five microfiche years that the micropublishing industry was not going to develop as predicted in the early 1970s. 89 Microfiche readers that were both inexpensive and convenient had not materialized, and our members were reluctant to commit their manuscripts to a medium that restricted readership to a dedicated few. Consequently, George Heldorn set about converting the AJCL to a printed Journal, the first issue of which appeared in 1980. Respectful of its microformal origins, it is distribute...