Paper: Towards A Theory Of Comprehension Of Declarative Contexts

ACL ID P82-1006
Title Towards A Theory Of Comprehension Of Declarative Contexts
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1982

An outline of a theory of comprehension of declarative contexts is presented. The main aspect of the theory being developed is based on Kant's distinction between concepts as rules (we have called them conceptual specialists) and concepts as an abstract representation (schemata, frames). Comprehension is viewed as a process dependent on the conceptual specialists (they contain the infe- rential knowledge), the schemata or frames (they contain the declarative knowledge), and a parser. The function of the parser is to produce a segmen- tation of the sentences in a case frame structure, thus determininig the meaning of prepositions, polysemous verbs, noun group etc. The function of this parser is not to produce an output to be in- terpreted by semantic routines or an interpreter~ but to start...