Paper: Problems In Logical Form

ACL ID P81-1028
Title Problems In Logical Form
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1981

X). <-> (SOME E (EVENT E) ((gVABS F) E xl ... xn)) In simple cases we can use the more straightforward form. The logical form of "John is kissing Mary" would simply be (KISS JOHN MARY). The logical form of "John is gently kissing Mary," however, would be (SOME Z (EVENT E) (AND ((EWSS KZSS) Z JoHN ~Y) (GENTLE E)))) 119 If we let EVABS apply to complex predicates (represented by LAMBDA expressions), we can handle other problems as well. Consider the sentence "Being a parent caused John's nervous breakdown". "Parent" Is a relational noun; thus, if John is a parent, he must he the parent of someone, but if John has several children we don't want to he forced into asserting chat beinS the parent of any particular one of them caused the breakdown. If we had PARENTI as the monadic properry of bei...