Paper: Presupposition And Implicature In Model-Theoretic Pragmatics

ACL ID P81-1025
Title Presupposition And Implicature In Model-Theoretic Pragmatics
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1981

characterizations of the set of well-formed strings. From certain classes of gra-w-ars 106 one can mechanically build recognizers and rando~ generators. But such machines are not the gra-~ars, and a recognizer is manifestly not the same machine as a generator, even though the same grammar may underlie both. Suppose ve rephrase the question as '~hy do we have separate knowledge structures for interpretation and production"? This presupposes that there are separate knowledge structures, and in our current systems this is only partially true. Interpreting and production programs abound in ad hoc procedures that share very little in common near the language end. The interpreters are full of methods for guessing at meanings, filling in the blanks, predicting likely follow-ups, and so on. The ge...