Paper: A View Of Parsing

ACL ID P81-1023
Title A View Of Parsing
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1981

characterization of string--structure correspondences, the Jp~nunm" should be indifferent as to recognition or generation. We should be •hie to implement fcasible generators as well as parsers, and again, shed light on the interdependencies of grammars and grammaucal prrx:cssmg,. Lc( me conclude with a few comments about the psychol,ogeaI validity or grammars and parsing algorithms. To the extent that a grammar models a native speaker's lingtusuc compelcnce, or, less tend~Uously, the set of meta-linguistic judgments he is able to make. then ti'mt srammar has a certain psyehok~gical "validity'. h becomes much more interepang, however, if" it can •l~.J be cmpeddcd in a psychologeally accurate motel of speaking and comprehending, h.~ all cumpct¢,nce grammars will mcc~ [his addit...