Paper: Some Issues In Parsing And Natural Language Understanding

ACL ID P81-1021
Title Some Issues In Parsing And Natural Language Understanding
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1981

specific or disjunctive. For example, an abstract description m~ht be "this is the head of an NP, everything to its left is a pre-modifler". Here there is co comment about exactly how these pre-modlflers group. A disjunctive description would consist of an explicit enumeration of all the possibilities at some point (e.g. , "this is either a time prepositional phrase (PP) or an agentive PP or a locative PP, etc."). Disjunctive descriptions allow us to prune. possibilities via cane a~alysls. In short, we believe in using as much evidence from formal systemn a~ seems understandable and reasonable, to constrain what the system should be doing. The Interaetlons Finally, we have been asked about the nature of the relationship between a gr~mar and a procedure for applying it. On the systems buil...