Paper: Analogies In Spontaneous Discourse

ACL ID P81-1015
Title Analogies In Spontaneous Discourse
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1981
  • Rachel Reichman (Harvard University, Cambridge MA; BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA)

This paper presents an analysis of analogies based on observations of oatural conversations. People's spontaneous use of analogies provides Inslg~t into their implicit evaluation procedures for analogies. The treatment here, therefore, reveals aspects of analogical processing that is somewhat more difficult to see in an experimental context. The work involves explicit treatment of the discourse context in which analogy occurs. A major focus here is the formalization of the effects of analogy on discourse development. There is much rule-llke behavior in this process, both in underlying thematic development of the discourse and in the surface lir~ulstlc forms used in this development. Both these forms of regular behavior are discussed in terms of a hierarchical structurin6 of a discourse int...