Paper: PHONY: A Heuristic Phonological Analyzer

ACL ID P81-1005
Title PHONY: A Heuristic Phonological Analyzer
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1981

entities which contain the idiosyncratic information about pronounciations of morphemes. (1) PHONOLOGICAL Underlying COMPONENT Phonetic Representations............ > Representations (URs) (rules) Phonological analysis attempts to determine the nature of the URs and to discover the general principles or rules that relate them to the phonetic representations. (2) URs Pronounciations PHONY (phonological anal Rules The input to PHONY are pronounciations of words and phrases upon which a preliminary morphological analysis has been completed. They have been divided into morphemes, and different instances of the same morpheme have been associated. These are represented as strings of phonetic symbols including morpheme- and word-boundaries. Indices are used to associate various instances of the sa...