Paper: Representation Of Texts For Information Retrieval

ACL ID P80-1039
Title Representation Of Texts For Information Retrieval
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

of articles representing documents stored by the system, and a set of 'problem statements' represent- ing users' information needs -- their anomalous states of knowledge -- when they approach the system. The analysis produced graph-like structures, or association maps, of the abstracts and problem statements which were evaluated by the authors of the texts (Figure 2) (Figure 3). CLUSTERING LARGE FILES OF DO~NTS USING THE SINGLE-LINK METHOD A method for clustering large files of documents using a clustering algorithm which takes O(n**2) operations (single-link) is proposed. This method is tested on a file of i1,613 doc%unents derived from an operational system. One prop- erty of the generated cluster hierarchy (hier- archy con~ection percentage) is examined and it indicates that the hierar...