Paper: ATN Grammar Modeling In Applied Linguistics

ACL ID P80-1031
Title ATN Grammar Modeling In Applied Linguistics
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

Au~mentad TrarmitiOn Network grm.n~rs have significant areas of ~mexplored application as a simula- tion tool for grammar designers. The intent of this pa- per is to discuss some current efforts in developing a gr=m.~ testing tool for the specialist in linguistics. ~e scope of the system trader discussion isto display structures based on the modeled grarmar. Full language definition with facilitation of semantic interpretation is not within the scope of the systems described in this paper. Application of granrar testing to an applied linguistics research envi~t is enphasized. Exten- sions to the teaching of linguistics principles and to refinemmt of the primitive All f%mctions are also con- sidered. i. Using ~t~od¢ 5bdels in Experimental Gr=r-~r Design Application of the A~q to general g...