Paper: Parsiug In The Absence Of A Complete Lexicon

ACL ID P80-1027
Title Parsiug In The Absence Of A Complete Lexicon
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980

For example, the KBMS parser has classes called SHIPS and PORTS. The KBMS pa~r starts with a moderate-size in-core lexicon (400 words); however, none of the larger database categories (SHIPS. PORTS, SItlPCLASSES. CARGOES) art stored in the in-core lexicon. Following is a tran~ript from a run of the KBMS parser. Thc input to the pa~er is in italics: annotations are in bbraces. ,.is izmir in italy? {"Italy" is known, from the in-core lexicon, to be a country. "|zmir" is unknown.} ) UNKNOWN TERM IZMIR ) POSSIBLE CATEGORII~: SIIIPS. PORTS. CARGOES {At the point where the word |ZMIR is encountered, any category which admits a name is possible. These include ships, ports, and cargoes.} ) FIN1SIIING PARSE ) POSSIBI.E CATEGORY FOR IZMIR, LEADING TO VALID PARSE: SHIPS. PORTS {When the parse is comp...