Paper: Problem Solving Applied To Language Generation

ACL ID P80-1016
Title Problem Solving Applied To Language Generation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1980
  • Douglas E. Appelt (Stanford University, Stanford CA; SRI International, Menlo Park CA)

It must have an intelligent method for maintaining alternatives, and evaluating them comparatively. Since reasoning about belief is very important in planning utterance, the planning system must have a knowledge representation that is adequate for representing facts about belief, and a deduction system that is capable of using that representauon efficiently. I Achieve(P) /' KAMI' is a planning system, which is currently beiug implemented, th:K builds on the NOAII planning system of Saccrdoti [10]. ]t uses a possible-worlds semantics approach to reasoning about belief" and the effects that various actions have on belief [8] and represents actions in a data structure called a procedural network. The procedural network consists of nt~es representing actions at somc level of abstraction, along...