Paper: The Structure And Process Of Talking About Doing

ACL ID P79-1019
Title The Structure And Process Of Talking About Doing
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1979

to concrete and from perception oriented to action oriented. JUSTZrZCATZON~~ There •re multi-utterance structures that occur regularly in problem solving talk that we call • justltAoatlon argument structures". These structures have the form of: (did ) (do ) (since ) (could)+(not do)+(aotion).(bsc•use)->(Justitloatlon (will) argument) (Alternatively, these two segments san he reversed in order, by using connectiv•s like "theretora" or "so"). For example, these kinds of dialogue units occur in many ot the protocols studied by Newall & Simon (1972): "hen letter has one and only one numerical value,e. '([: One numerical value). There are ten different letters and each of them has one numerloal value. Therefore, Z san, iooklng at the Wo D's each D is 5; therefore, T is zero". (Hewell& 8...