Paper: Where Questions

ACL ID P79-1017
Title Where Questions
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1979
  • Benny Shanon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem Israel)

conceptual representation. In this representation, ob- Jects ere associated with ta~s: usually, objects which are actually contained in objects of order n are assign- ed a tag of order n÷l, but prominent objects are assign- ed tags of the same order as the objects which actually contain them. Thus, if the Empire State Building is tagged n÷l both New York and the U.S. are tngged n, for the Israelis the least com-~n room (order n-l) is the northern hemisphere, and the answer is given on the lev- el of the t~o rooms of order n. Thus, the seemingly unexpected answers associated with prominent objects are due to the modified abstract representations, not to a change in the(vertical) algorithm proper. The salience effect is similar, but distinct. Objects which are close to ones which stand ia ...