Paper: Semantics Of Conceptual Graphs

ACL ID P79-1010
Title Semantics Of Conceptual Graphs
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1979
  • John F. Sowa (IBM Systems Research Institute, New York NY)

Conceptual graphs are both a language for representing knowledge and patterns for constructing models. They form models in the AI sense of structures that approxi- mate some actual or possible system in the real world. They also form models in the logical sense of structures for which some set of axioms are true. When combined with recent developments in nonstandard logic and semantics, conceptual graphs can form a bridge between heuristic techniques of AI and formal techniques of model theory. I. Surface Models Semantic networks are often used in AI for representing meaning. But as Woods (1975) and McDermott (1976) ob- served, the semantic networks themselves have no well-defined semantics. Standard predicate calculus does have a precisely defined, model theoretic semantics; it is adequa...