Paper: WELT: Using Graphics Generation in Linguistic Fieldwork

ACL ID P14-5009
Title WELT: Using Graphics Generation in Linguistic Fieldwork
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

We describe the WordsEye Linguistics tool (WELT), a novel tool for the docu- mentation and preservation of endangered languages. WELT is based on Words- Eye (Coyne and Sproat, 2001), a text-to- scene tool that automatically generates 3D scenes from written input. WELT has two modes of operation. In the first mode, En- glish input automatically generates a pic- ture which can be used to elicit a de- scription in the target language. In the second mode, the linguist formally docu- ments the grammar of an endangered lan- guage, thereby creating a system that takes input in the endangered language and gen- erates a picture according to the grammar; the picture can then be used to verify the grammar with native speakers. We will demonstrate WELT?s use on scenarios in- volving Arrernte and Nahua...