Paper: An Annotation Framework for Dense Event Ordering

ACL ID P14-2082
Title An Annotation Framework for Dense Event Ordering
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Today?s event ordering research is heav- ily dependent on annotated corpora. Cur- rent corpora influence shared evaluations and drive algorithm development. Partly due to this dependence, most research fo- cuses on partial orderings of a document?s events. For instance, the TempEval com- petitions and the TimeBank only annotate small portions of the event graph, focusing on the most salient events or on specific types of event pairs (e.g., only events in the same sentence). Deeper temporal reason- ers struggle with this sparsity because the entire temporal picture is not represented. This paper proposes a new annotation pro- cess with a mechanism to force annotators to label connected graphs. It generates 10 times more relations per document than the TimeBank, and our TimeBank-Dense cor- p...